"In A Pinch" for a Valve That Will Last in Your Toughest Slurry and Abrasive Applications? Flowrox Valve Solutions In Virginia and Washington D.C.

Flowrox Valve Solutions In Virginia and Washington D.C.

Heavy-duty pinch valves from Flowrox are built to last and are ideal for shut-off and control applications involving abrasive or corrosive slurries, powders, or coarse materials. The operation of Flowrox pinch valves is straightforward. The valve is full bore and has no flow restrictions when it is in the open position. Two pinch bars squeeze the valve sleeve shut on the centerline during closing. The sleeve is naturally wear-resistant, and when particles strike the rubber surface of the sleeve, the energy is absorbed and released when the rubber bounces back. Even if solids have accumulated on the sleeve wall, heavy-duty pinch valves provide bubble-tight shut-off. Any crystallized particles flake off the sleeve surface when compressed. The full bore structure ensures that the medium flows freely. 

Flowrox control valves handle the most demanding control applications where conventional valves wear out due to increased turbulence.  When the controlled flow is abrasive, having only one wear-resistant valve part in contact with the medium is significant. Maintenance and spare parts are no longer required. Each valve can be sized and optimized for the best control range, limiting wear and velocity while preventing cavitation in the control valve. Controllability is improved further by using conical sleeves and smart positioners. The Flowrox Control Valve Sizing Program is available to help you with your work. Sizing adheres to the international IEC60534 standard (which is compatible with ANSI/ISA S75). 

Even in the most demanding process conditions, Flowrox slurry knife gate valves isolate flow. The entire valve design maintains the concept of ease of maintenance in mind. Flowrox Slurry Knife Gate Valves evolved from the company's years of experience in providing dependable solutions for abrasive and corrosive process applications.  A load distribution ring prevents over-compression and ensures tight sealing between the sleeve and the valve gate. The load distribution ring is integrated into the valve sleeves to simplify maintenance. The universal tower design of the valve accommodates most actuator types, allowing for actuator interchangeability. In addition, the tower ensures that the top plate, body, and actuator are always aligned and that the gate is in the proper position. The valve body is a one-piece casting, so there is no need for sealing between the body halves.

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