Waterman Engineered Water Control Products for Water and Wastewater Treatment, Hydropower/Dams, Industrial, Drainage/Flood Control, and Irrigation

Waterman Engineered Products
Waterman is a recognized leader in water control products for water treatment, wastewater, high-volume agricultural and rural surface water delivery, hydro-power, and flood control management.

Waterman is a leading provider of water control gates, valves, automated controls and accessories to these markets and key customers such as government agencies (water districts, utilities, flood control districts) and agricultural water users (growers, cooperatives).

Waterman products include: Slide & Sluice Gates, Large Custom Gates, Water Treatment Specialties, Drainage Flap Gates, Canal Gates, Line Gates, Riser Valves & Hydrants, Air & Pressure Relief.

Waterman has over 100 years in the control gate and valve business, developing custom-engineered solutions for thousands of critical projects throughout the world.


For more information on Waterman products in Virginia, contact Automatic Controls of Virginia. Call them at (804) 752-1000 or visit them at https://acva.com.

Installation and Startup for the Quest-tec Magne-Trac Magnetic Level Gauge

The Quest-tec Solutions Magne-Trac utilizes a non-magnetic pipe chamber mounted directly to a vessel. The process connections from the chamber to the vessel act as an inlet and outlet that allow the liquid level in the pipe chamber to match the level in the process vessel. Inside the chamber, a custom designed float rises and falls with the level of the liquid in the chamber. A 360ยบ magnet array within the float projects a magnetic field through the pipe chamber to an externally mounted indicator to provide a visual read out of the liquid level within the vessel.

The Magne-Trac™ level indicator is easy to install, low maintenance, and easy to view. Accessories include point level switches and transmitters to provide integration into plant control systems.

The Quest-tec Solutions Magne-Trac Plus combines the Magne-Trac magnetic level gage with the Bridle-Trac by pass chamber. It may be used with our VAR Partner E&H GWR or customer specified radar for redundant level measurement. The Magne-Trac Plus is recommended in applications that require both visual and electronic level viewing.

For more information on Quest-tec products, contact Automatic Controls of Virginia. Call us at (804) 752-1000 or visit our website at https://acva.com.