Questtec Solutions Liquid Level Gages and Valves

Questtec Solutions Liquid Level Gages & Valves

Questtec Solutions is a company with a long lineage of quality, experience and care in the manufacturing of liquid level gages and valves. The development and engineering of these product lines began more than forty years ago at the former Daniel Level Gage & Valve Company. Today, Questtec Solutions has refined and expanded the Daniel product line to include Magnetic Level gages, High Pressure Steam gages, Electronic Boiler trim and Armored Tubular.


Glass-Trac (formerly Daniel Level Gage & Valve) Reflex Gages are supplied with specially molded glass having prisms on the process side. The purpose of the prisms are to reflect light in the vapor phase of the process. Where the liquid fills the prisms, the display will be nearly black, regardless of the actual color of the liquid.


Glass-Trac Transparent Gages use clear, flat glass on both sides of the chamber. Both the color and the interface of liquids can be viewed. Back lighting gage illuminators are available for use with transparent gages to provide enhanced viewing of liquid levels in dimly lit areas.


Glass-Trac Tubular Glass Gages are available in any length desired and can be fitted with tubular style gage valves. These gages provide 360° of visibility of the liquid level through strong, clear glass or red line. Guard rods and plastic tubular protectors are available for protection


Illuminator for Transparent Level Gages Certified For Class 1,Division 1, Group B, C, & D Hazardous Locations

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