Why You Should Choose Double Offset Butterfly Valves Over Single Offset

Isolation valves are a critical part of any piping system, but they're not given much thought until it's time to operate them.

They can remain open for weeks or even years, but they must provide a reliable seal when you close them.

Single offset butterfly valves seal with 360 degrees of contact between the resilient seat and the seating surface. However, when open, the seat and mating surface remain in contact at two points. Over time this continuous contact can cause the seat to become compressed and distorted, resulting in two potential points of leakage when the valve is closed, wasting water and compromising your piping system.

Thankfully, Val-Matic has the double offset butterfly valve, a version of our time-tested American butterfly valve that provides reliable isolation service without needing maintenance.

Here's how it works.

In addition to the offset from the body, the center line of the valve shaft has a slight second offset from the pipe center line. This allows the resilient rubber seat to completely lift off the metal mating surface when the valve is fully opened, eliminating rubber seat compression and two potential leakage points.

Add a precision nickel welded seat, and you have the peace of mind of a valve that seals reliably every time.

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