Glossary of Valve Terms and Acronyms

Glossary of Valve TermsTerminology plays a critical role in the understanding of specialized or technical contexts. Understanding the specific terminological meaning of the technical contexts in process control and industrial systems assists in defining and communicating the main message of a document, which in turn allows stakeholders the ability to transmit the content much more effectively.

A glossary is an alphabetical list of terms in a particular domain of knowledge with the definitions for those terms. It's purpose is to document the key words and phrases which are regularly contained in a body of content.

Val-Matic, a leading manufacturer of check valves, quarter turn shut-off valves and air valves for water/wastewater, industrial and building markets, has assembled an outstanding glossary of terms and acronyms used in the valve, process flow, and process piping segments. This is a must-have resource for anyone new in in industrial engineering, maintenance, or procurement.

You can download the Val-Matic Glossary of Valve Terms and Acronyms from this Automatic Controls of Virginia web page.

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