Automatic Turbine Water Induction Prevention from Questtec Solutions

Automatic Turbine Water Induction Prevention

All normally operating steam turbines carry the inherent risk of water ingress. Small amounts of condensate can enter from any connection to the turbine, sometimes arising rapidly from the condensation of steam. This almost always results in catastrophic damage to the turbine, even in low pressure situations. Human operators are rarely able to recognize and prevent these problems as quickly as they occur. 

The cost of turbine water induction problem is not just about the money spent on repairs or replacements. It also includes the time and effort that goes into correcting the issue.  The cost of turbine water induction problem can be defined as the total cost of repairing or replacing a turbine. This includes the costs for labor, materials and equipment, and other expenses. 

Therefore, automatic turbine water induction prevention (TWIP) systems must be used to safeguard turbines from this danger. They save significant costs through quick detection and prevention of water ingress into the steam turbine.

Automatic turbine water induction prevention systems are a critical component of the operation of power plants. These devices are used to detect and prevent condenser tubes from being flooded with water in the event of a turbine trip. The TWIP system can detect if there is water in the condenser tubes before it enters the turbine. This will allow operators to take corrective action before it causes damage to the equipment.

Questtec offers a range of products to safeguard your system with TWIP. Safe  plant operation begins with a 12 Probe Level-Trac LT-220 system installed on the boiler drum with high alarms and high trips set and continues with the LT-310 on Heater Drains, Superheat and Reheat Main Drains, and on Drip Pots downstream of Attemperators. This will monitor all potential areas for turbine water induction and automatically detect it. Our products fulfill ASME recommendations for safe steam turbine operation made in the TDP-1-2006 Standard. 

The LT-310 Series’ works on the same principles as the high integrity LT- 210 Series Resistivity and is selected where 1–6 probe channels are required. A single probe can be utilized to provide a control signal or several can be paired and validated against each other where greater reliability is demanded. It offers a sensitivity that is reliably able to detect condensate down to 0.5 mS/cm2 instantly.The circuits are in a continual state of test, with any faults reported through relay contacts and a visual indicator mounted on the front panel. The system can be set up such that no failed individual probe or component can cause a false signal, thereby always maintaining the critical functionality of the probes.


Questtec includes a number of standard features in all TWIP products to ensure easy operation and maintenance. Standard features include: Alarms & Validated Tripping Relays, Normally Energized or Deenergized Relays, Time Delays, Sensitivities Settings, LED flash. All are easily set with solder pads in the field or by Questtec before delivery. Products also include an electronics integrity test button that tests the entire system’s operation.

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