Magne-Trac Magnetic Level Indicators by Questtec

Magne-Trac Magnetic Level Indicator
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Questtec Solutions is a leading supplier of magnetic level indicators, as well as traditional sight glasses and conductivity type remote level indicators for water indication in steam service. This wide range of products for level indication allows Questtec Solutions the option of providing the best technology for nearly any level application. The Magne-Trac level indicator is easy to install, low maintenance, and easy to view. Accessories include point level switches and transmitters to provide integration into plant control systems.

Magne-Trac Magnetic Level IndicatorThe Questtec Solutions Magne-Trac utilizes a non-magnetic pipe chamber mounted directly to a vessel. The process connections from the chamber to the vessel act as an inlet and outlet that allow the liquid level in the pipe chamber to match the level in the process vessel. Inside the chamber, a custom designed float rises and falls with the level of the liquid in the chamber. A 360 deg. magnet array within the float projects a magnetic field through the pipe chamber to an externally mounted indicator to provide a visual read out of the liquid level within the vessel.

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XOMOX XP3 and XP 4D: The First Soft Seated Plug Valve Meeting the Most Demanding Emissions Standards

ISO 15848-1 is an International standard for fugitive emissions issued by the ISO Organization. It contains both dynamic life cycles and thermal cycles and is considered one of the most demanding fugitive emission standards for soft seated valves. This standard contains different levels of acceptance based on the number of thermal and mechanical cycles, temperature, and number of adjustments. The objective of ISO 15848-1 is to enable classification of performance in different designs and constructions of valves to reduce fugitive emissions.


The XOMOX XP3 Sleeved Plug Valves. with patent pending live loaded cartridge seal, are the first valves to pass all four thermal cycles without any packing adjustments, meeting the ISO 15848-1 standard at the BH BH CO3 200C SSA0.

The XP3 still contains the same maintenance-free and cavity-less design benefits of the standard XOMOX® sleeve plug valve, namely no costly lubrication required and no accumulation or contamination of process media.


The XOMOX® XP 4D Sleeved Plug Valve contains the same live loaded stem cartridge as XP3, while also adding a set of contingency bolting. This additional set of packing allows for a manual override of the seal to atmosphere manual adjustable 4D stem seal of the cover. If there is any emergency failure, this seal can be activated and reduce the need (in the very unlikely case) of any costly unscheduled shutdowns.

XP 4D Features:
  • Primary Seal to Atmosphere - Sleeve ensures inline sealing. Manual adjustments are possible.
  • Tertiary Seal to Atmosphere Additional 4D Manual - Live loaded cartridge provides improve stem sealing.
  • Additional 4D Manual - Manual 4D stem packing for adjustment in case of emergency or excessive assurance.