Pinch Valves and Knife Gate Valves for Abrasive and Slurry Service

Flowrox pinch valve
Flowrox pinch valve.
Flowrox manufactures valves for shut-off and control applications for demanding process conditions in mining, minerals and waste water treatment for example.

Flowrox heavy duty pinch valves and knife gate valves are made to last and are ideal where shut-off and control applications involve abrasive or corrosive slurries, powders or coarse substances.

Flowrox knife gate valve
Flowrox knife
gate valve.
Heavy duty pinch valves provide bubble tight shut-off even if solids have built up on the sleeve wall. When compressed, any crystallized particles flake off the sleeve surface. The full bore structure ensures free flow of the medium.The construction and materials of the three main components (sleeve, body and actuator) can be tailored to suit your process conditions.

The designs of Flowrox Slurry Knife Gate Valves are based on the years of experience Flowrox has gained, providing reliable solutions for abrasive and corrosive process applications. They feature a load distribution ring that prevents over compression and ensures tight sealing between the sleeve and the valve gate.

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Side-by-Side Comparison of Swing Check Valves and Resulting Mechanical Shock Caused by Reverse Flow

Swing check valve mechanical shock (slam) is caused by the sudden build-up of reverse flow after a pump has stopped, being followed by the sudden stoppage of that reverse flow by the check valve. The faster the check valve closes the less reverse flow, and hence the smaller slam. This video (courtesy of Val-Matic) demonstrates this phenomenon  under real operating conditions.

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