Installing a Waterman Cast Iron Sluice Gate Valve Using the Double-Nut Method

This video describes how to install a Waterman cast iron sluice gate valve using the double-nut method.

A sluice gate is a water flow control system. Typically made of wood or metal, they open and close vertically on a frame, allowing water to flow in or out of an area. They're also known as sluice gate valves because of this. A sluice is a manufactured canal or a modified natural stream that conducts water.  This type of gate controls the flow of water and where it goes and is highly beneficial in regulating flooding and managing water levels.

Waterman, a recognized leader in water control products for water treatment, wastewater, high-volume agricultural and rural surface water delivery, hydro-power, and flood control management, manufactures heavy-duty cast iron slide (sluice) gates. You'll find Waterman gates in applications where safety, longevity, and reliable performance are essential, such as dams, tidal environments, water treatment plants.

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