SmartStep™ Precision Electric Actuators

SmartStep™ precision electric actuators are available in 500, 1200, 2500, and 5000 in-lbs outputs.

Additional SmartStep™ Key Features:

  • Hazardous Location Rating is standard: Class 1, Division II, Group A, B, C, and D
  • Non-Contact Position Sensing: No mechanical switches to wear out
  • Capacitor Based Electronic Power Backup: Allowing for backup lifespan of greater than 10 years
  • Customizable Speed Settings: Each model may be customized to fit your Open/Close speed needs
    • X0500: 3-10 seconds for 90° rotation
    • X1200: 7-20 seconds for 90° rotation
    • X2500: 12-36 seconds for 90° rotation
    • X5000: 28-80 seconds for 90° rotation
  • Programmable Feedback Standard: 4-20mA feedback allows remote reading of exact position of the actuator shaft
  • High Number of Starts Per Hour: Can exceed 6000 starts per hour
  • Permanently Lubricated Drivetrain: No maintenance needed
  • 100% Modulation Standard: 4-20mA or 0-10V DC control input standard
For assistance in specifying and applying SmartStep™ precision electric actuators contact Automatic Controls of Virginia. Call them at 804-752-1000 or visit