SmartStep™ Precision Electric Actuators

SmartStep™ Precision Electric Actuators
SmartStep™, by USI, are AC or DC powered precision electric actuators rated for Class 1, Division II, Group A, B, C, and D hazardous areas. They are used for applications requiring 100% modulation and/or open/close operation.

SmartStep™ actuators incorporate non-contact position sensing increases reliability, eliminating wear failure from mechanical switches or contacts.

SmartStep™ is available in four torque outputs, 500, 1200, 2500, or 5000 in-lbs torque. All models include a bright four-line LCD display shows an extensive list of valve states and service advisories, including: valve position, cycle count, back-up power charge statues, current/max temperature values, system faults, and many others.

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SmartStep™ Precision Electric Actuators

SmartStep™ Actuator Features:

  • Robust design engineered for 100% Modulation and Open/Close operation
  • UL/CUL and CE approved with Class 1, Division II, Group A, B, C, and D Hazardous Location Rating.
  • Electronic Power Backup option powers actuator enabling it to return to pre-programmed safe position in the event of loss of control signal or power.
  • Life Expectancy of Power Backup option is greater than 10 years due to super capacitor technology.
  • ISO 5211 direct mounting for F07 and F10 compatible valves.

SmartStep™ Actuator Certifications:

  • CE Certified
  • UL/CUL Certified
  • UL Class 1, Div 2, Groups A, B, C, D Hazardous Location Rated

For more information about SmartStep™ actuators, contact Automatic Controls of Virginia. Call them at 804-752-1000 or visit their website at