Wafer Knife Gate Pinch Valve for the Toughest Slurries and Abrasive Applications

The Flowrox Slurry Wafer Knife Gate Valve (SKW) is designed for heavy duty purposes to isolate flow, even in the most demanding process conditions. The complete valve is built around an ease of maintenance concept and it contains only two service parts: ring sleeves and secondary seal.

  • Improved performance - Integrated load distribution ring
  • Ease of maintenance  - Universal tower design
  • Simple installation - One peace body with lockout pins

Bi-directional flow

Bi-directional flow tolerates backflow. 100% isolation.

Free flow

Full bore enables free flow of process medium.

Wear resistant

Only the ring sleeves in contact with the process medium.

Simple to install and service

Face-to-face according to industry standards. Contains only two service parts; ring sleeves and upper seal.

Typical installations:

  • Tailings slurry lines
  • Slurry pump isolation
  • Thickener feed and discharge lines
  • Flotation isolation
For more information about the Flowrox pinch valves, contact Automatic Controls of VA by visiting https://acva.com or by calling (804) 752-1000.