Protecting Drinking Water Pipelines with Inflow Prevention

Protecting Drinking Water Pipelines with Inflow PreventionProtecting Drinking Water Pipelines with Inflow Prevention was written to assist water distribution system design engineers in reducing the risk to public health from contaminated drinking water by understanding the use of inflow preventer assemblies in water distribution systems.

This paper is not intended to provide all of the information necessary for specifying these devices, but rather to explain their function and performance criteria along with common engineering parameters associated with the application of air valves and cross connection control devices. Successful system design should consider the functions of the air valves and vents together with the need to protect the system from contamination and loss of efficiency.

With this knowledge, the design engineer can better apply American Water Works Standard C514 and American Society of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE) Standard 1063 Inflow Preventers and understand the application, sizing, installation guidelines and code applications that affect their use. The rating information provided is based on generally accepted products and standards which offer valuable information for predicting performance.

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