Setting the Studs and Nuts Before Mounting a Waterman Fabricated Slide Gate

This video covers how to set up the studs and nuts before mounting a Waterman fabricated sliding gate valve, and also how to adjust the cross rail to ensure there are no gaps between the seat and the slide plate.


The first thing you want to do is refer to your submittal drawing to make sure that the studs are exposed to proper length.  Align each nut on the corners, so that your gate is perfectly plumb.  Go from side to side, and corner to corner, aligning the nuts with the straight edge. 

After you have the gate mounted, you'll work with a cross rail seal.  Start with the two middle nuts, and alternate one and another, working your way out to the edge of the gate as shown of the Waterman installation manual for fabricated slide gates. Using a 0.004 feeler gauge, check the cross rail seal between the slide and the seal to ensure that it does not pass through. If you do have a place where it crosses through, you need to loosen the front nut and tighten up the back nut, bringing the frame of the gate closer to the slide and decreasing the leakage path.  

Go back through the gate installation and make sure all your bolts are very tight, and that you don't have any leakage pass across the top seal. It's the most critical part of your installation - making sure that the cross seal doesn't have any leaks.  


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