Emerson Bettis CBB Pneumatic Scotch Yoke Actuators: Key Component sand Features

Bettis CBB-Series actuator represents the latest generation in pneumatic scotch yoke actuators from Emerson. The CBB draws from the best features of earlier versions – CB and CBA. Incorporating cutting edge features provides the CBB with a proven, rugged design that is dependable and reliable in the field. Because it has the same envelope dimensions and mounting interfaces as previous CB versions, the CBB allows for mounting interchangeability.

Compact, lightweight and ideally suited for automating ball, butterfly and non- lubricated plug valves, or any quarter-turn (90 degree) rotating mechanism, the CBB Series is also economical and low maintenance. Available in double-acting and spring- return models and are independently certified to IEC 60529 IP66 and IP67M for water ingress protection.

For more information about Bettis actuators, contact Automatic Controls of Virginia by calling (804) 752-1000 or by visiting https://acva.com.